Ruffled frontAbout Sue

Sue is both a dedicated teacher and student of yoga. Sue completed her teacher training under the guidance of Michael Siddall and Cynthia Cooperstone of Toronto. Sue has since taught for various yoga teacher training programs and immersions in Toronto and the GTA.

Sue has trained with Ross Rayburn, Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze and many other highly regarded yoga instructors as she continues to deepen her practice. Sue’s classes are uplifting and fun, with keen attention to alignment. Encouraging her students to only and always “take what you need” from yoga, Sue’s classes are challenging, but in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. Sue is dedicated to helping her students take what they learn and cultivate while “on the mat”, “off the mat” by weaving yoga philosophy, inspiring quotes and readings, and a healthy sprinkling of infectious humour.

Sue has always been passionate about being active, healthy eating and living an authentic life. Sue teaches group classes for the general public and also for private groups/individuals. Sue’s invigorating classes make her sought after for corporate and private groups in addition to her public classes.


​Sue received her professional training by the world renowned Jon Kabat-Zinn. Sue has taught her unique 8 week meditation course for both groups and individuals. Her meditation program blends the best of meditation techniques, yoga and life coaching exercises. Please contact Sue directly for more information.