Are you getting enough Vitamin E?

No doubt, you’ve heard of the health benefits of Vitamin D, especially in Northern climates, but are you getting enough Vitamin E? To be clear, I’m not talking about the supplement purchased at your local health food store or pharmacy. The Vitamin E I’m talking about is a daily dose of infectious joy, in this case delivered by a feisty four-year-old. I think we can all agree that we benefit from regular inputs of joy. 🙂

My sister Gerry has always excelled at everything she puts her mind to. Perhaps what she excels at most is extending love to those she cares about. The lucky recipients will find themselves with a steady stream of hand-crafted goods and homemade treats. While always a proud mum, being a grandmother – or GG as she’s affectionately known – takes proud to the next level. So, it’s no surprise that, when COVID made its presence known and parents had to adapt by not only working from home but becoming online educators as well, GG happily stepped in. While she can’t physically be there to help with lessons, she’s ready on standby with her trusty iPad. She absolutely delights in helping the girls with their reading. In addition to their “lessons”, there is always – I repeat always –  an absolutely hilarious anecdote that leaves her in stitches.

On a rather gloomy January day, I was feeling a little adrift. I sent my sister a rather cryptic text: “I need my dose of Vitamin E” (this is the expression I’ve coined for her granddaughter Evie’s exploits). She then relayed to me how Miss E’s “career plans” had taken a turn. She no longer wished to be a vet as she doesn’t want to get “hamster pinches”. I had to immediately relay this to my son’s girlfriend, who is currently in her third year of veterinary medicine. She not only found this hilarious, but admitted, “She has a good point; I don’t like hamster pinches either.”

So the stories and antics provide us all with a little infusion of lightness, laughter and uplifting hope. In a world full of uncertainty, to think that unicorn headbands, monitoring GG’s “steps” and concerns about hamster pinches are top priority, is just the levity we all need. Four-year-olds really do have all the answers. xo

While grandparent-grandchildren relationships are no doubt special, relationships of any kind are really what give life meaning, purpose and joy. And although they are harder to maintain during a pandemic, we can embrace technology and creative ways to continue to nurture these important bonds. Population studies such as The Blue Zones support the importance of social ties and longevity (you just knew I had to throw in a study *wink*).

I salute and celebrate all of you for exploring and adopting new methods of working and practicing, and, most importantly, tending to your relationships.

I wish you a week of many sweet moments and no hamster pinches.

Warmest regards,