“Beetgrass” juice

When I start to feel a little fatigued, sluggish, and for lack of a better word, “dirty”, I find myself wanting to juice. Mostly because of time, I find myself “blending” vs “juicing” most days. Without launching into the whole blending vs. juicing debate (because BOTH are good), I figure my body is telling me that it’s time for a deep cellular boost.

Intuitively, I reach for beets and something green. One of the most nourishing, blood building, alkaline-forming, mineral rich, enzyme-packed, detoxifying, chlorophyll-rich combinations would be beets and wheatgrass (how many things have an attribute list that long?).

We recently discovered a wonderful, fresh and economical way to have potted wheatgrass and sprouts on hand. Sprouts for life will kindly deliver fresh potted sprouts to the studio if we have enough interest to place an order on Thursday morning. The potted plants should last 2 – 3 weeks giving you more than one harvest. I just love the good energy these plants provide and their promise of Spring.

Beetgrass Juice

1 good-sized organic beet (we used McBride’s)
3/4 harvest of potted wheatgrass (photo above)
1 lemon

This recipe made about 5 shot glasses of juice.

Starting with wheatgrass, then beet, then lemon through your juicer. Leafy greens and grasses are easier to juice with an “auger” juicer vs a centrifuge. I would be happy to chat with you about various juicers, and help direct you to good sources if you’re interested.