Chia Fresca

Robb has been enjoying the book Born To Run, and there are frequent references to the power seed Chia!

I have been a long time fan of chia and frequently add it to smoothies, use it to make “vegan eggs”, and make chia pudding. I haven’t, however, used it as Chia Fresca. Chia Fresca is simply chia, water, a little citrus, sweetener and a pinch of salt. This hydrating superfood combination is said to have enabled the Tarahumara to run for hours at a time. Given that several days per week, I teach 3 classes back-to-back and don’t like teaching on a full stomach, I thought I would experiment with my own version of Chia Fresca. I certainly appreciated how easy it was to prepare, how easy it was to consume (quite refreshing), and that I didn’t feel heavy or bloated. I did feel that it helped me maintain my energy, but I was still a little peckish after my 3 classes were done. What can I say, I love to eat! 🙂

My verdict? This is a high fibre, moderate protein, good source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids, mineral-rich, nutrient-dense option that deserves a solid two thumbs up. While it may not be a complete meal replacement as it’s only 120 calories, it is certainly an impeccable source of calories and would make an excellent snack or part of a meal. If you give it a try, I would love your feedback!

Chia Fresca with a slice of lemon

Chia Fresca

1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 tablespoon lime or lemon juice (I prefer lime – I don’t know why)
1/2 teaspoon maple syrup or honey (Colette says more, but she’s in the family maple syrup business)
pinch of salt – the good kind

Combine above ingredients and mix well. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or overnight. The longer it sits, the thicker and more “pudding like” it gets. I actually like it a little watery so will prepare it shortly before consuming. Either way, you’re getting exceptional nutrition. Enjoy!