Do You Like Your Story?

*With a few “edits”, this essay is an encore edition

Who’s writing your story? And, more importantly, what is your story?

Robb and I have been discussing this very topic the last few days. No doubt, it has been influenced by the inevitable reflection that comes with the upcoming arrival of a new year. It is also influenced by my year-round and arguably maudlin penchant for perusing obituaries in the Saturday Globe and Mail.

I am fascinated with people’s stories. I love to hear about their life experiences and the people that they loved, and who loved them in turn. These stories do more than satisfy my curiosity. These stories also provide a nudge to self reflect and ask important questions. These stories encourage me to ask what my story would look like and whether I like what that story says. Is my story by design or by default? These stories also remind me that time marches on and that time is precious.

So, while my habit of poring over obituaries may at first blush appear mawkish, I prefer to view it as hopeful, inspiring and, yes, maybe a wee bit sentimental. It’s a reminder to live a life of purpose, which, fortunately, I feel I am living; to surround oneself with loving people, again thank you; and to make time for fun and adventure…well my report card isn’t spectacular there (yet).

A grateful heart is a happy heart.

As we (fingers crossed) approach a “more open” summer, and plans start to come into focus, perhaps ask yourself “What is my story, and do I like my story so far?”

While many events of 2020-21 were not exactly my favourite, the overwhelming theme that defines my year is that I am surrounded with loving people whom I adore, and that every day I wake up and have the opportunity to share a practice that I sincerely believe to enhance people’s lives in a meaningful way. For that, I am truly grateful (and happy). 
On the topic of stories, this quote from C.S. Lewis really speaks to me: 

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

For those of you sharing this life adventure with me, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.