Turmeric Latte

You may already be familiar with the exceptional health benefits of turmeric, especially its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, if you’re anything like me, and have used fresh turmeric root, you’ve ended up with incredibly yellowed fingernails. That stuff stains!

Isn’t nature so interesting? Natural products with a lot of pigment also have a lot of nutrients. So, beets, kale, sweet potatoes (and lots more): they’re loaded with pigment, and they’re loaded with nutrients!

Getting back to the “stained fingernails” (not to mention stained countertops), Canadian company Truly Turmeric has created a delicious turmeric paste blended with coconut oil, lime juice and black pepper. This particular combination helps enhance the body’s ability to absorb and utilize the nutrients found in turmeric. The paste comes in a convenient jar, which makes use super easy and not at all messy. Simply scoop and go!

To further prolong the shelf-life, I will spoon the paste into an ice-cube tray. It’s really easy to pop a turmeric ice-cube into a soup, curry, rice, quinoa or whatever you’re making. We currently have a great deal on turmeric at the boutique (30% off!), and, if you’re concerned you might not use it up before its shelf-life, you may wish to freeze it.

A delicious, healthy, mid-day treat I enjoy is a turmeric latte. Simply warm your favourite non-dairy or dairy milk with a scoop of turmeric paste. Steam, froth or use an immersion blender to achieve desired frothiness. Add sweetener of choice if desired. Enjoy!

Yellow latte and Truly Turmeric Jar