Kula’s Love Language

Kula really loved being an “only dog.” It suited her well. She had our undivided attention and ruled the roost. Her world came tumbling down when Ziggy the wonder dog joined our family. To say she was unimpressed would be an understatement. She has always been a clear communicator and doesn’t shy away from expressing her feelings.

Robb quickly adopted a “voice” for Kula and would entertain us with narratives of her expressing her disdain, impatience or annoyance with a particular situation…usually involving her adopted brother Ziggy. We all found these narratives hilarious and still do.

(Robb often says that his “get out of jail free pass” with me is to adopt Kula’s voice describing anyone or anything. It always, always, makes me laugh.)

While all of this is funny – and it’s true – she doesn’t suffer fools gladly; there is more, much more, to my sweet girl than her irascible nature. She has a capacity for love and loyalty that I aspire to. Evidence of her love and loyalty is demonstrated every time we go for a hike. It often turns out that Kula and I are ahead of Ziggy and Robb. If we get too far ahead, or come upon a fork in the trail, she insists on waiting for the crew to catch up. She often “marks” trailheads, and Robb is convinced that she doesn’t think we’re smart enough to find our way home. *wink*.

But perhaps the most heartbreaking sweetness lies in how she welcomes those she loves. We have had such limited contact with friends and family over the last year, but we have been able to enjoy safe, outdoor hikes. When one of the boys or a friend joins us, Kula actually cries. She simply can’t contain her emotion and happiness. After a few anguished cries she then goes on to chatter as if to say “I’ve missed you, it’s been too long, I love you…oh, and got any treats?” It’s really quite touching, and I absolutely love seeing how people respond to this unfiltered, unabashed show of affection. People are truly touched, and, I believe, perhaps feel a little bit special. xo

When I witness this, I always think that the world would be a happier, more joyful place if we were more generous with our affection. We can learn so much from these wise, loyal and loving creatures. May we all aspire to share our affection with a little less reservation, wait for others to catch up, and mark our trails so we don’t get lost. 🙂

Warmest regards,