Peanut Butter Hemp Banana Wraps

I absolutely loved peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches growing up. I loved the crunch of crisp lettuce and nutty, creamy peanut butter. While I haven’t shunned grain products, I think it’s wise to not always reach for bread, crackers and wraps when looking for a snack or meal.

Wishing to recreate my childhood favourite snack, and looking to find ways to get more leafy greens into my boys’ diet, I played around with these yummy wraps and was delighted with the enthusiastic feedback from my boys (aka the world’s most discerning and vocal critics).

These are easy, quick and nutritious (my guiding principles)

Peanut Butter Hemp Banana Wraps

Leafy greens (Romaine, Swiss Chard, Collards)
Nut or seed butter
Hemp hearts

Spread butter on lettuce leaf, sprinkle with hemp hearts, slice a banana, and roll! Easy peasy.