Sue Sinclair

Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation

For over a decade, Sue has been both a dedicated teacher and student of yoga. 

Building upon her knowledge as a chiropractor, Sue skillfully incorporates a variety of evidence-based movement science techniques in her classes, including:

-Traditional yoga postures
-Myofascial release techniques using therapy balls 
-Strengthening exercises utilizing resistance bands 
-Breathing techniques 
-Mindfulness exercises 

Sue’s classes are supportive, encouraging, uplifting and fun, with keen attention to alignment. Sue is dedicated to helping her students take what they learn and cultivate “on the mat” into their lives “off the mat” by weaving yoga philosophy, biomechanics, inspiring quotes and readings, along with a healthy sprinkling of infectious humour.

Sue and her partner Robb share a love of being active, 5 fine sons and two crazy is full!