Swiss Chard, Turmeric, Lemon and Apple Juice

Juicing? Smoothies? What to do, what to do? It’s kind of like trying to figure out what’s better – getting a good night’s sleep or drinking enough water. The short answer is…they’re both good!  

The benefit of juicing is that you extract all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals so that they’re readily absorbed by the body. There’s no interference between the nutrients and the cells. In fact, if you juice on an empty stomach (recommended) you can actually feel an energy jolt as your cells are flooded with goodness – I’m not kidding you.

Smoothies are great, too, as you can cram a lot of goodness into one drink – and the retention of fibre keeps you feeling full, and also – ahem – “on schedule.”

I tend to blend more often than juice, but when I do juice, I’m always so grateful that I did.

I will be posting “7 days of juicing” this week with recipes posted on my Facebook page “Kind Living with Sue Sinclair” and on Instagram “kindlivingwithsue”.

Here’s a juice recipe I put together with my weekly Farmer’s Market purchases. Swiss chard, with its “veiny” appearance is not only mineral-rich and alkaline-forming, it supports the cardiovascular system as well. With its intense pigment, turmeric root is antioxidant-rich and is documented as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

The added nutrition, flavour and zing from lemon and apple round out this refreshing drink.

Swiss chard, turmeric, lemon and apple juice

6 – 8 Swiss chard leaves
1 lemon – peeled
1 apple – cored and cut into pieces
1 chunk turmeric root (about 1 inch)….you can always add dried turmeric.

Start with chard leaves, then add turmeric, apple, then lemon