Was Plato a Yogi?

Plato, it turns out, was a pretty smart guy. While “nerding” out on the weekend reading yet another science/biomechanics/health and wellness text, I came upon this quote by none other than the Greek philosopher Plato:

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”

We’re a funny species, us humans. We are so very quick to embrace systems and technology that make our lives “easier”, and then we have to devote huge resources of time and money to address issues that are a direct result of said conveniences…sigh.

But the verdict is in – we need to move, and we need to move more.

You see, it’s not about setting aside “exercise time” and then reverting back to a sedentary lifestyle. It’s about moving our bodies with greater frequency and greater variety: squatting to pet the dog, reaching for that favourite coffee mug on the top shelf, sitting on the floor on a cushion instead of the couch, getting up to start the music/change the radio station/do a Google search, etc. These seemingly insignificant movements are anything but. Moving more, with greater variety, yields impressive results.

May your actions, thoughts and deeds uplift others.

Warmest regards,