We can do hard things

A friend recently overcame seemingly insurmountable odds, and after several years, multiple setbacks and more than a few tears, he has finally adopted his son. Deeply moved by this beautiful story, I am reminded once again that we can do hard things.

I have witnessed people overcome and deal with significant health issues, muscle through tough financial times, suffer loss and emerge on the other side. At times a little battered, but emerge they did. They can do hard things.

I find myself using this as a personal mantra when faced with something challenging; be it something minor like tidying up the kitchen when I’d rather watch a movie, to something significant like creating a whole new approach to offering yoga and movement (ever heard the term pivot? *wink*). I can do hard things.

I remember the (always wise) words of my friend Susan when I was training for a marathon in my early 40s. She said, “You can draw upon this experience when you need reminding that you can do hard things.” What a wonderful exercise: recall the “hard” things you’ve done to remind you of your strength, tenacity, perseverance and resilience.

“I can do hard things” is one of several mantras that I find helpful to draw upon to navigate life: the fun, the happy, the sad, the scary…all of it. I’ve always maintained that our yoga and movement practice is like having an ever-ready mobile toolkit. These tools can help us to be more present, patient, generous, hopeful and kind.

Do you have a personal mantra that you have on the ready like a lucky talisman? I would love to hear about your practices, whether it’s journal writing, your movement practice, a special stone, a favourite quote, or a unique combination. I love to support and encourage you in your practices, and please trust that, even though we are “remote”, you are never far from my thoughts.

Warmest regards,