Who are Your Role Models?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Aging Successfully lecture series recently held by Lakehead University. It was wonderful to “see” the featured speakers that I have long admired for their important work. It was a welcome nudge and acknowledgement that the foundation of all that we teach and support is rooted in highly regarded research.

The most recent lecture, by neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, author of Successful Aging, touched on many important things to consider. I found him to be most entertaining, humble and engaging – an absolute delight. One thing he mentioned that really resonated with me was the importance of role models. I immediately thought of the wonderful aunts and uncles that I am/was so fortunate to have in my life. I then thought of my siblings. Without question, they all inspire me. I also thought of my children, who outpace me in so many areas, and warm my heart with their ever expanding capacity to demonstrably care for others. Next on my list would be my/our Robb….perhaps the kindest, gentlest, if not quirkiest, person I have been lucky enough to encounter. All of these relationships enrich my life.

Another important category is the studentship of the studio. You encourage me to continue learning and inspire me with your openness to learning, generous appreciation, courage to stay the course, steadfast loyalty, keen intelligence, delightful sense of humour, and all-around magnificent human decency. All of you are my role models. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Warmest regards,